Preparing For A Long Road Trip

Traveling is a fun adventure that people should engage in more often.  When going on these trips it is important that we prepare not only ourselves but our vehicles as well.  When getting stuck on the side of the road and in need of a mobile tire repair williston nd service, the last thing you want to do is be without basic supplies. 

Get a tune up

When traveling long distances making sure that your car is in top working condition.  Take it to a local mechanic for a tune up.  Have them check the oil, fluids, breaks and tires.  If you are traveling to a hot or cold climate, make sure that your air conditioner is charged and in working order.

Take extra supplies

Have a survival kit in your car.  This will be water, batteries, blankets, snacks and an extra set of clothing.  Take along jumper cables as well as a portable battery charger as well.  These supplies can easily be stored in the spare tire compartment, in the glove box or in a bag under the seat.  Finding space in the car that isn’t being utilized shouldn’t be a problem if you are creative.

Paper map not GPS

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Having GPS is great.  However, if something goes wrong and it stops working or gets broken having a paper map will aid you just as well.  When traveling make sure to have several maps of the route you are going to travel and if possible, get a national travel guide that give detailed information on different areas of the country.

Plan your route

When traveling make sure to plan your route before you leave.  Let others know where you will be and when as well as give them status updates at specific checkpoints.  For some people this may feel like an unneeded task but if something were to go wrong and you needed help then finding you would become much easier.